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About Us - Individual approach to every customer...

Ephesus Excursions was created to provide exceptional experience on private tours to cruise passengers in the ports of Istanbul and Kusadasi during their visit. Not only have we included our experience of 36 years in travel industry but also our colleagues in different segment of this business.

Rather than classical approach of providing private tours we have chosen to show the big picture from the different aspect which set us apart. Many foreign companies sell shore excursions for almost every port of the world, however, none are local in these countries and have no local experience, no culture knowledge, or whatsoever. We believe the best experience is to live, eat, drink like locals so you will have lot to remember as beautiful memories.

Shore Experiences
We offer flexibility to create highly personalized private tours in a truly personal and meaningful way. Please note, the options you see listed in this web site are shown to give you an idea of what is available for each cruise port. We do more than you see…

Private Arrangements
In many major ports of Turkey, we offer touring by private car or van, with or without guides, which gives you the flexibility to tour sites of your choice at your leisure in the comfort of private transportation. We offer a collection of Private Arrangements, giving unique personal experiences for you and your traveling companions.

Take your tour a step further. How about an itinerary geared to your own interests? Let us arrange dinner at a special restaurant in town or on your private yacht by the Bosphorus in Istanbul. Tell us what you'd like to see and do and we'll create it just for you, with your choice of vehicle and guide. Email us, we'll reply with details and a price.

Shore Excursions
With us, rest assured you'll find our private tours that appeal to your interests, are designed to reveal the highlights, as well as the places that only the locals know. Knowledgeable, professional guides lead all excursions and offer special insights into the culture, history, and geology of each destination. And we limit the number of guests to ensure that your experience is close up and in-depth.

Custom Touring
If you’re the kind of traveler who likes to create your own adventure, our Destination Specialists are at your service. Using their vast network of contacts and personal knowledge of each enticing port, our experts can help you create the perfect day while ashore. Once you’ve booked your private tour with us, anything you imagine can be made possible.

We are pleased to offer a wide variety of shore excursions to fit your lifestyle, ranging from easygoing activities to high adventure. Each of our tours provides the highest level of quality, safety, convenience and value.

See you at the port...

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